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2013 Salaries Related to Ontario's Hydro Costs

Between the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Hydro One and the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) (all three Public Sector Agencies) there are 11,879 employees who make more than $100,000/Year! These top earners draw combined annual earnings of over 1.6 billion dollars. There are 626 making more than $200,000/Year.

According to the Globe and Mail, a whopping 77.5% of Ontario Power Generation employees make over $100,000/Year. Over 70% of Hydro One employees and over 60% of Ontario Energy Board employees make over 100K.

Here we only show the top 182 who are in the ¼ Million Dollar Country Club. Here are the Hydro Employees making $250,000 plus in 2014.
Result 101 - 150 of 182
Bloated Organization Fat Cat 2013 Salary
& Benefits
OPG GLENN TEMPLE 284,283 Vice President Real Estate & Services
OPG MARLENE RAMPHAL 284,267 Manager, Operations Production
OPG BILL ROBINSON 283,567 Senior Vice President, Nuclear Projects
OPG WALTER FLORIS 283,281 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG BRIAN SPEER 282,545 Shift Manager
OPG LOUIE DESANTIS 282,063 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG ROBERT POWELL 281,693 Director, Work Management
OPG ROBERT JACKOWSKI 281,434 Assistant Operations Manager
OPG JOHN NOAKES 280,510 Shift Manager
OPG VAL BEVACQUA 280,312 Senior Manager Fuel Handling
OPG ZARIR KHANSAHEB 280,234 Manager Operations Programs
OPG ROGER SCHRYER 280,019 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG JOHN MAUTI 278,305 Vice President Business Planning & Reporting
OPG CARA L. CLAIRMAN 277,849 Vice President
OPG KENNETH HEPBURN 277,499 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG JEFFREY EATOCK 277,409 Shift Manager
OPG LORNE SHANTZ 277,183 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG SEAN LEACH 276,880 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG STEVE GREGORIS 276,668 Manager, Operations Production
Hydro One COLIN PENNY 276,383 Chief Information Officer
OPG JOHN MCDONALD 276,323 Shift Manager
OPG STEPHANIE SMITH 275,397 Assistant Operations Manager
OPG LES CARTER 275,390 Manager Performance Engineering
OPG MARK KNUTSON 274,499 Director
OEB CYNTHIA CHAPLIN 274,425 Vice Chair
OPG MATT PILIARIK 274,083 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG ADNAN KHAN 272,905 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG JAMES DINGLE 272,425 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG KEVIN BAIRD 271,504 First Line Manager, Inspection & Maintenance
OPG DONALD SENIOR 270,077 Department Manager, Outage
OPG OMAIR NAEEM 269,881 Section Manager, Licensing
OPG ANDREW OWEN 269,628 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG MANISHKUMAR SHAH 268,845 Electrical & Control Technician First Line Manager Assistant
OPG DAVID COLLINS 268,665 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG RON C. BROWN 267,518 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG ALLAN REID 267,324 Plant Manager, Hydro
OPG GARY KUNTZ 267,048 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG STEPHANIE POWERS 267,044 Vice President, Inspection & Maintenance Services
OPG LAURIE SWAMI 266,406 Vice President Nuclear Services
OPG CRAIG HALKET 266,299 Vice President Total Rewards
OPG BILL OWENS 265,720 Director, Work Management
OPG JOE SICOLI 264,497 Production Supervisor - Shift Engineer
OPG STEVE BAGSHAW 263,793 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG FRASER GRANT 263,753 Senior Manager Fuel Handling
OPG MARTIN V. TULETT 262,189 Deputy Site Vice President
OPG MARGARET TIMBERG 261,829 Assistant General Counsel
OPG ALLAN GRACE 261,740 Control Room Shift Supervisor
Hydro One FRANK D'ANDREA 261,574 Director - Outsourcing Services
OPG RANDOLPH GOBIN 260,659 First Line Manager, Control/Mechanical
OPG STEPHEN MILLS 260,491 Vice President Business & Services
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