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Hydro Consumption Form

Hydro Consumption/Comparison Study
Submit the information below to let us know how much electricity you consume. Once we have gathered enough data we will summarize it on our website so you can see how your home compares to other similar homes. Fields indicated with * are required.
Information about your household
Postal Code:   * Type of Dwelling:   *
Occupants:   * Square Footage:   * (without basement)
If you wish, you can specify an identifier to help you compare your consumption with other households. Enter your first name or initials or something non-confidential that you will remember:
Consumption/Billing Information
When reporting consumption, please avoid using only an estimated bill. Instead, combine the days and consumption for the estimated bill with the following bill to report your actual consumption.
Billing period end date:   open calendar      * 
Number of Days:   *
Use the 3 fields below if you are on
smart-meter (time-of-use) billing
Just enter the total consumption below
if you are not billed by time-of-use

Be sure to use the Adjusted Usage
This is the metered usage multiplied
by the Adjustment Factor.
Off-peak:   kWh
Mid-peak:   kWh
On-peak:   kWh Total Consumption:   kWh
Please tell us how many of these appliances you have running
Refrigerators:   * Freezers:  Waterbeds: 
High energy consuming equipment and appliances
For seasonal items, please mark only those that were in use for at least one-half of the billing period.
 Electric Heat  Swimming Pool  Electric Hot Water Tank
 Air Conditioner  Hot Tub  Electric Clothes Dryer
 Electric Stove Top  Dishwasher  Continuous Fan/Air Exchanger
 Well Water Pump  Dehumidifier  Electric (Plug-in) Vehicle
Special Reasons for Energy Consumption or Conservation
Use this section to tell us about special or unusual ways that you use or conserve electricity.
Special Consumption
(Greenhouse, No Insulation, etc.)
Special Conservation
(R2000 Home, Solar Panels, etc.)