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2013 Salaries Related to Ontario's Hydro Costs

Between the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Hydro One and the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) (all three Public Sector Agencies) there are 11,879 employees who make more than $100,000/Year! These top earners draw combined annual earnings of over 1.6 billion dollars. There are 626 making more than $200,000/Year.

According to the Globe and Mail, a whopping 77.5% of Ontario Power Generation employees make over $100,000/Year. Over 70% of Hydro One employees and over 60% of Ontario Energy Board employees make over 100K.

Here we only show the top 182 who are in the ¼ Million Dollar Country Club. Here are the Hydro Employees making $250,000 plus in 2014.
Result 51 - 100 of 182
Bloated Organization Fat Cat 2013 Salary
& Benefits
OPG CRAIG WARDROP 318,575 Director
OPG PIERRE THERRIEN 316,453 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG KEN WILKINS 316,154 Authorization Training Supervisor
Hydro One JOSEPH AGOSTINO 312,741 General Counsel
OPG JOE SIRACUSA 310,593 Vice President Engineering & Technical Services
OPG ALAN SHIEVER 309,863 Vice President Learning & Development
Hydro One MIKE SHEEHAN 309,681 Vice President - Facilities & Real Estate
Hydro One KAREN NEWMAN 309,498 Vice President , Corporate Controller
OPG CHRIS M. YOUNG 308,883 Vice President Hydro Thermal Project Execution
Hydro One RICK STEVENS 307,174 Vice President, Customer Service
Hydro One JUDY MCKELLAR 306,634 Vice President, People And Culture
OPG CATRIONA KING 306,400 Vice President Corporate Secretary & Executive Operations
OPG STEPHEN RAMJIST 305,824 Director Operations & Maintenance
OPG IVAN ARSENAULT 305,817 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG ANDREW P. BARRETT 305,599 Vice President Regulatory Affairs
OPG ALBERTO SIMOES 304,199 Contract - Senior Advisor
OPG COLVIN RIVIERE 302,331 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG MIKE SAVAGE 301,663 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG PAUL J. BURKE 300,454 Vice President Integrated Revenue Planning
OPG RON HOSEIN 300,334 Shift Manager
OPG CHRISTIAN RUNKOWSKI 299,926 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG PETER KING 299,892 Manager, Operations Production
OPG PAUL SPEKKENS 299,197 Vice President, Science & Technology
OPG KEN GILBERT 298,642 Director Operations & Maintenance
OPG MARTIN LOUGHEED 298,380 Shift Manager
Hydro One MIKE PENSTONE 298,010 Vice President Network Development & Regional Planning
OPG ROSS MCCORD 297,322 Manager, Operations Production
OPG LOU POLLIERI 296,396 Vice President Assurance & Chief Audit Executive
OPG ANDY MCLACHLIN 294,831 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG JASON FITZSIMMONS 293,653 Vice President Health, Safety, Employee & Labour Relations
Hydro One JOHN FRASER 293,410 Senior Vice President, Internal Audit
Hydro One LAURA COOKE 292,129 Vice President, Corporate Relations
OPG RICHARD GEOFROY 292,105 Control Room Shift Supervisor
OPG CHRIS HAWLEY 291,352 Authorization Training Supervisor
OPG BARRY BOUCKLEY 289,878 Shift Manager
OPG MARK ARNONE 289,618 Vice President Refurbishment Execution
OPG GÉRALD PARENT 289,046 Shift Manager
OPG ROSS HENRY 288,228 Control Room Shift Supervisor
Hydro One PAUL MARCHANT 288,168 President & Chief Executive Officer, Hydro One Telecom
OPG KERRY TOMPSON 288,022 Vice President Talent Management / Business Change
OPG CHRIS SCOTT-DIXON 287,974 Shift Manager
OPG RICHARD WAYTOWICH 287,701 Shift Manager
OPG DAVID MACDIARMID 287,288 Shift Manager
OPG CAMERON SPENCE 286,234 Assistant Operations Manager
OPG CHRISTOPHER QUIRT 286,164 Shift Manager
OPG THOMAS SHAVER 285,943 Authorized Nuclear Operator
OPG JOSEPHINA ERZETIC 285,799 Vice President Corporate Business Development
OPG ANDY MOECK 285,551 Shift Manager
OPG PAUL SEGUIN 285,279 Assistant Operations Manager
OPG GORDON KIES 284,963 Authorization Training Supervisor
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